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The InVID product portfolio at I3 Investors Meeting for Media Innovators

InVID at Investors Meeting for Media Innovators

Dr. Lyndon Nixon from MODUL Technology, presented the InVID product portfolio at I3 Investors Meeting for Media Innovators that took place in London, UK, on 5th of October 2017.

The main goal of the InVID project “to provide journalists with the tools they need to verify the authenticity and trustworthiness of online videos from news events” was initially highlighted by Dr. Nixon. Following the main integrated technologies of the project, namely the InVID Dashboard, the InVID Verification Plugin and the InVID Verification Application, were presented to an audience comprised by members of other ICT-19 projects, start-ups and investors.

In the video below, you can see the part where the InVID product portfolio was discussed.

The slides of this presentation are also available.

InVID at FIBEP World Media Intelligence Congress 2017

InVID at FIBEP World Media Intelligence Congress 2017

The theme for the 2017 FIBEP World Media Intelligence Congress, to be held in Berlin from 04-06 October 2017, will be Media Intelligence and the New Paradigm of Brand Communication, including a special session on “How to Analyze in an Alternative Facts World”.

Prof. Arno Scharl from webLyzard technology will present results of the InVID project as part of his keynote presentation on “Automated Rumor Detection and Visualization”, with a special focus on the project’s prototypical applications – the InVID Verification App, the InVID Verification Plugin, and the InVID Visual Analytics Dashboard including its real-time story detection and streamgraph visualization components (see also https://invid.weblyzard.com).

InVID technologies at TEDx talk organized by MODUL University

InVID technologies at TEDx talk organized by MODUL University

Arno Scharl from webLyzard technology, a member of the InVID consortium gave a presentation at the TEDx Modul University talk on October 6th, 2016. His presentation, entitled “Analyzing the Digital Talk: Visual Tools for Exploring Global Communication Flows”, discussed how recent technologies can assist professionals in analysing, understanding and exploiting information extracted from big data repositories. His talk also featured novel InVID visualisation components that reveal emerging stories in the collected data and can support professionals to monitor the latest trends and explore global communication flows (please note that TEDx talks generally do not include any project logos or URLs).

The video of the TEDx talk can be seen below;  the slides can be downloaded from SlideShare.