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InVID at MIL meeting on social media detection and verification

InVID at MIL meeting on social media detection and verification

The InVID project and the developed technologies for newsworthy media collection and verification, were presented on a meeting focusing on tools for detection and verification of videos shared on social networks, that was co-organized by CERTH/InVID and the Media Informatics Lab of the Journalism & Mass Media Dept. of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, on Thursday 14th of December 2017.

An audience (approx. 80 people), comprised by professors, academics and students of the Journalism & Mass Media Dept, journalists and media verification experts, was initially informed about the InVID project by the project co-ordinator Dr. Vasileios Mezaris, who introduced the project’s motivation, goals, overall concept and integrated technologies for newsworthy media collection and verification.

Following, Mr. Evlampios Apostolidis from CERTH-ITI, gave a talk on fake news that rely on video reuse and the way that InVID handles such fakes. In particular, he presented the developed web application for video fragmentation and reverse keyframe search, that assists journalists to perform reverse video search at the fragment-level, and detect previously published versions of the same video online.

Then, Dr. Symeon Papadopoulos from CERTH-ITI, discussed methods for automated detection of fake posts on social media and highlighted the efficiency and functionality of an InVID tool (which was based on one of the outcomes of the Reveal EU-funded project) for contextual analysis. This tool is capable to identify and evaluate verification-related content, and provide clues about the trustworthiness of a social media item to the journalists.

Subsequently, Dr. Markos Zampoglou from CERTH-ITI, presented the developed tools for image forensic analysis. Dr. Zampoglou described, with the help of some representative examples, different types of image tampering, explained the InVID apprach to identidy many of them, and outlined the challenges of this task, the limitations of existing approaches as well as some future directions.

Finally, Mr. Denis Teyssou from AFP, joined the meeting via Google Hangouts and gave a nice presentation about the verification functionalities of the developed plugin for fake news video debunking.

Details about the event (in Greek) are available at: http://pacific.jour.auth.gr/?p=2896

The program of the event (in Greek) is available at: http://pacific.jour.auth.gr/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/program_InVid.pdf

InVID at Investors Meeting for Media Innovators

InVID at Investors Meeting for Media Innovators

On 5th October 2017, Dr Lyndon Nixon will represent InVID at Investors Meeting for Media Innovators organised by the Support Action I3. Bringing together EU research projects from the ICT-19 call, media startups and investors, Dr Nixon will be available to demonstrate and explain InVID’s unique toolkit for verifying online video, starting with a media collection pipeline through annotation and analysis to forensic analysis. The media discovery and verification functionalities are intuitively put into the hands of journalists, news editors and other media professionals through a browser-based Dashboard, a Verification Plug-in and a Verification Application.

In the one day event, InVID hopes to learn more about how its innovative services and tools could be used to support other media startups (also outside of the verification domain) as well as understand what investment opportunities exist for future sustainability and exploitation of InVID project results.

InVID verification plugin open beta release

InVID verification plugin open beta release

The European Horizon 2020 project InVID (In Video Veritas) is launching in open beta a plugin to help journalists saving time in their verification processes and debunking more efficiently fake video news. The plugin was just presented today in a First Draft Meeting at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, France.

The InVID verification plugin allows media professionals to quickly get contextual information on Facebook and Youtube videos, to read video and image metadata, to fragment videos from various platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Daily Motion) into keyframes, to use the keyframes for performing reverse image search on Google, Baidu or Yandex search engines, to enhance and explore the keyframes and images through a magnifying lens, to query Twitter for related information, and to apply forensic filters on still images.

The plugin can be downloaded at https://goo.gl/Fo8i73

A video tutorial / demo is available on the InVID Youtube channel: https://youtu.be/nmgbFODPiBY

We welcome your feedback at: invid-verification-plugin@iti.gr