InVID Verification Application

Different parts of the last version of the InVID Verification Application

Details about the tool

The InVID Verification Application is a web-based integrated toolset for the verification of videos and their context, developed by Condat AG, Berlin. The development of this integrated technology is guided by the well-known Verification Handbook. The main target group of this toolset contains journalists who wish to verify if a given video is authentic or not.

Malicious use of videos can occur in many ways, such as taking authentic videos out of their true context and putting them into another context, or creating fake videos. In order to help the journalist to evaluate the originality and trustworthiness of a user-generated video, a number of different tools, provided by the different InVID partners, are integrated into the Verification Application.

These tools can assist users to:

  • check for any prior use of the video, by:
    • performing reverse video search on the collection of videos from the InVID repository, and careful examination of the query and duplicate video(s) via the parallel video playback functionality of the user interface
    • performing reverse video search on the Web using the provided video thumbnails by the YouTube plaform (applicable only for YouTube videos)
  • check the video’s origin and rights, by:
    • performing video logo detection
    • using the video rights management component of the application
  • check contextual information, by:
    • applying social-media-based contextual analysis
    • assessing location, time and other video metadata, as well as historical weather data
  • check video forensics, by:
    • applying advanced video forensic filters
    • performing frame-level inspection of the video in the player of the user interface

The integrated components for near duplicate video search, social-media-based contextual analysis, and frame-level inspection of the video are shown in the introductory image of the webpage.

Additional InVID technologies will be integrated in the near future to support the direct uploading and management of user-generated videos, and the reverse video search on the Web using a rich set of automatically selected representative keyframes. The integration of other tools for the evaluation of different dimensions of video verification (such as Wolfram Alpha, links to fact checking sites, etc.) is also under discussion.

Download / Access the tool

A password-protected version of the Verification Application will be made publicly available in early 2018. For getting quickly notified about this release and how to access it, please subscribe to our mailing list.