InVID Multimodal Analytics Dashboard

Overall view of the Visual Analytics Dashboard

Details about the tool

The InVID Multimodal Analytics Dashboard, developed by webLyzard technology, is a visual search and information exploration platform to identify and track evolving stories across multiple social media platforms – including participating actors (persons, organizations) and the relations among them.

The dashboard uses multiple coordinated view technology for the desktop version, and a cross-platform HTML5 application to access analytic function through smartphones and other mobile devices. The dashboard’s real-time synchronization mechanisms allow the tracking of information flows within InVID’s contextualized information space. This will include the ability to display image and video content and use thumbnails to represent related stories and content clusters, thereby integrating visual content into existing Web intelligence and knowledge co-creation workflows. The result will extend the capabilities of the existing webLyzard platforms and provide interactive data visualization widgets to be integrated into various InVID applications.

The released prototype supports:

  • story detection across social media channels,
  • story-based newsworthy video identification,
  • automatic metadata extraction and indexing,
  • content exploration and visualization,
  • geographic distribution of emerging stories,
  • embedded playback at the video- and fragment-level,
  • verification of selected videos (using the Verification Application),
  • automated PDF reporting.

The introductory image shows the current prototype of the dashboard, that includes a story flow visualization graph to reveal document clusters, a sorted list of top stories including image thumbnail and lead article, and a video playback widget in the upper right corner.

The online documentation of the dashboard provides additional details on its various other visual analytics capabilities.


The InVID Multimodal Analytics Dashboard is proprietary software of webLyzard technology.

Download / Access the tool

You can freely access the latest released version of the InVID Multimodal Analytics Dashboard, by following the link.


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