Monthly Archive: November 2016

First issue of the InVID Newsletter

InVID Newsletter, First Issue, , November 2016

We are pleased to inform you that the first issue of the InVID Newsletter has been published online! This issue introduces the project’s vision and goals, and informs the community, our readers and supporters, of what has been achieved and produced in the project so far! The readers of this issue will find some key articles reporting on the developed tools and services of the InVID platform, and will be informed about the already performed activities for disseminating the project’s aims and results. Finally, details about the project consortium and the online presence of the InVID project are also included!

Please find the InVID Newsletter online at:

InVID announced as NEM exhibitor

InVID announced as NEM exhibitor

We are glad to announce that InVID will be one of the exhibitors at the upcoming NEM Summit 2016. Dr. Lyndon Nixon from MODUL Technology, a member of the InVID consortium, will participate at the event in Porto, Portugal, on 23-24 November 2016. During these days the InVID technologies for finding user generated videos about news events online and for verifying them for their authenticity will be exhibited by Dr. Nixon to the attendees of this annual meeting of the New European Media (NEM) European Technology Platform (ETP), attracting media professionals and researchers from across Europe. Through the presentation of these technologies, the main concept of the InVID project that is about detecting emerging stories and assessing the reliability of newsworthy video files and content spread via social media for use in any media organization or creative industry, will be promoted.