List of deliverables

ID Title / File To appear in
D8.1 Project website and promotional material Apr. 2016
D1.1 Data Management Plan May 2016
D1.2 Quality and Knowledge Management Plan May 2016
D6.1 InVID initial industrial requirements May 2016
D2.1 Social media filtering and extraction Jul. 2016
D5.1 Technology Roadmap Jul. 2016
D8.2 Exploitation and dissemination plan and market analysis Jul. 2016
D5.2 InVID Platform first version Oct. 2016
D3.1 Initial verification framework Jan. 2017
D4.1 Overview of UGC Copyright Management industry practices Jan. 2017
D5.3 Multimodal Analytics Dashboard Jan. 2017
D6.2 Verification Application first release Jan. 2017
D2.2 Social media filtering and extraction pre-processing and annotation intermediate version Jul. 2017
D4.2 Framework and Workflows for UGC Copyright Management Jul. 2017
D5.4 InVID Platform intermediate version Jul. 2017
D7.1 Activities and outcome of the Pilots first report Jul. 2017
D8.3 Exploitation and dissemination activities report and updated market analysis exploitation and dissemination plans Jul. 2017
D1.3 Updated data quality and knowledge management plan Oct. 2017
D3.2 Updated verification framework Jan. 2018
D4.3 UGC Copyright Management Service API first version Jan. 2018
D6.3 Verification Application and verification-enabled UGC Management Systems intermediate release Jan. 2018
D7.2 Activities and outcome of the Pilots second report Apr. 2018
D2.3 Social media filtering and extraction preprocessing and annotation final version July 2018