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InVID at Futur en Seine: a summary

InVID at Futur en Seine: a summary

More than 300 persons, including France recently appointed minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, Mrs Frédérique Vidal attended at Paris Futur en Seine digital festival (8-10 of June) demos of InVID prototypes aiming to debunk fake videos.

Paris Mayor deputy in charge of economic development, Jean-Louis Missika was also among the personalities who attended the demos (on the right of the main picture above), with InVID tools being applied on «real life» use cases like some of the fake news debunked during the CrossCheck operation (see for example this one) run by a bunch of French mainstream media during the recent presidential election. InVID tools are aimed to help journalists to verify newsworthy videos on social networks.

InVID demos attracted dozen of journalists, including well-known teams of «verifiers» like the Décodeurs of the French daily Le Monde, The Observers of France 24 broadcaster and also journalists from France-Télévisions and FranceInfo and TF1 TV channels. Other attendees included startupers, academics, researchers, teachers and media educators as well as officials of several French ministries.

Feedback on InVID demos was very good and encouraging, as disinformation on social networks has become a deep concern in France, like in other Western countries.