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The InVID Verification App in the Innovation Radar Prize 2017 of the EU Commission

The InVID Verification App has been short-listed for the Innovation Radar Prize 2017 of the EU Commission. The Innovation Radar initiative of the European Commission is actively identifying high potential EU-funded innovations and innovators and seeking to help them get their innovation “out of the lab” and into (or at least closer to) the market.

This application has been developed by Condat, to support journalists during the verification of user-generated videos. It integrates several tools and services of project partners CERTH, MODUL, EXO MAKINA and UdL, that allow the user to analyse the source, content, location, date and rights of the video, and relies on domain knowledge of project partners AFP and DW. Further details about this technology can be found here.

It would be great, if you could help us to improve the chances of the InVID Verification App to win the Innovation Radar Prize by VOTING here: https://ec.europa.eu/futurium/en/tech-society/condat

Screenshot of the InVID Verification App, showing the different tools for assessing the authenticity and veracity user-generated videos.