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InVID at World Digital Content and IFRA Expo

InVID at World Digital Content and IFRA Expo

During three days, InVID project was demoed by Gerhard Rudinger (APA-IT) and Denis Teyssou (AFP) in the startup space of the World Digital Content and IFRA Expo in Messe Berlin, the traditional yearly event of the press and publishing industry organized by WAN-IFRA, the World association of newspapers and publishers.

The event was the occasion to showcase the InVID project and the InVID Verification Plugin (a.k.a. “Fake video news debunker”) to executives from media houses like News UK (“The Times”, “The Sun”, “Sunday Times”), Kyodo News (Japan), Roularta (Belgium), German newspapers and so on.

InVID was also presented on the main conference stage in the panel “Preparing for the 2020s”, where Denis Teyssou demonstrated the InVID Verification Plugin in front of more than 100 media professionals (see indicative images below):

  1. on a Russian video re-used out of context to create a xenophobic climate during the French presidential election;
  2. on the Eduardo Martins fake war photographer affair, with a new feature aiming to detect pictures which have been mirrored;
  3. on a North Korea picture which shows evidence to have been tampered.
Mr. Denis Teyssou from AFP, demonstrating the InVID Verification Plugin in the

Mr. Denis Teyssou demonstrating the InVID Verification Plugin to the participants of the panel “Preparing for the 2020s” of WAN-IFRA.

Indicative view of the audience

Indicative view of the audience of the panel “Preparing for the 2020s” of WAN-IFRA.

The given presentation can be seen in the following:

In summary, the WAN-IFRA event was a very good opportunity to disseminate the InVID results and to raise awareness about the InVID project. Amid a general concern about fake news, the project attracted attention and was highlighted by WAN-IFRA on its editor’s blog: https://blog.wan-ifra.org/2017/10/12/publishers-share-fact-checking-tools-and-initiatives-to-restore-trust-in-media

InVID at Brussels DisinfoLab event

InVID Verification Plugin at Brussels DisinfoLab event

The InVID project and the developed InVID Verification Plugin was presented on Thursday 14th of September at the Brussels DisinfoLab, which has been organized by Saper Vedere, a consulting startup specialized in social networks analysis. At this event, whose sub-headline is «a framework to fight fake news?», various initiatives to debunk fake news were presented from several institutions, labs and research institutes.

Denis Teyssou, the InVID Innovation Manager, demonstrated the use and functionality of the InVID Verification Plugin on recent fake videos published on various social networks. His presentation is available at the InVID SlideShare channel and the project website.

Further details about the context, the aim, the presented items and the next steps of the Brussels DisinfoLab event can be found here.